Microlearning is considered by the FLIGHT project developers an ideal method to train female learners, especially with disadvantaged backgrounds in both face-to-face and online training environments.

Microlearning is an innovative way of teaching and delivering content to learners in bite-sized bursts at the point of need, with a focused and specific learning outcome. Educators working with target group representatives who recently arrived in the hosting country and whose local language proficiency is insufficient to understand complex digital and financial literacy concepts are welcome to rely on a set of videos carefully selected by the FLIGHT team mentors and trainers from public sources. All videos listed below were used in FLIGHT Help club training and/or self-learning sessions.   

Some of the videos are illustrative, some are presented with English subtitles or a transcription of subtitles, which can be translated into the transferring language with the help of CAT. All videos, without exception, are no longer than 10 minutes. We recommend choosing the microlearning tools reflecting the group’s level and providing the highest comprehensive input per session. These can also be used by self-learners who are in control of what and when they are learning and can complete their training at a time and place that suits their busy schedule.


IO2 assessment

IO3 simulation

IO3 simulation test

The benefits of the European Union

©European Parliament

Vilmos video

©Versli mama

Budgeting with Excel


Identity Theft


Online shopping safety

©ZERO infollution

Mobile payments

© BancardSales



Personal Credit History

©Marketing Business Network


©European Commission




©CBC News

Self-employment in Lithuania (demo version)

©Versli mama

FINRA financial literacy quiz (PL)


FINRA financial literacy quiz (EN)


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